Molenbeek, Chaussée de Ninove, Tour Brunfaut

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vazy! you know the posters (and grafitti) wall was the same one as usedby Vazy! newsletter this week? cool conicidence. nice picture. may i ask what camera you are using?

Écrit par : andreea | 16/02/2006

vazy? Cool, I didn't know... :) This photos from Molenbeek are by Lieven Soete; I normally use my Canon Powershot A85 (I love it).
Greetings to BXL

Écrit par : David | 16/02/2006

Bravo & Info Bravo David for this serie.

Andreea, I use the Olympus 70/70 camera.

Écrit par : Lieven SOETE | 17/02/2006

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